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Monthly Archives: June 2009

3 PSD Web Templates

3 free Photoshop website templates for You. Set contains: 1 blogging/news structured template, 1 e-commerce structured template, and 1 blogging based template. Download page link below

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Twitster: Twitter Groups for Your Website

Twitster is a PHP application that lets you display tweets on your own web site from everyone you follow in Twitter. What’s more, Twitster can filter those tweets by a hash tag (#example) giving you the ability to create a Twitter-based group or community on your own site. Totally gets my 5 star rating

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jQuery Tabbed Menu

A great tutorial showing you how to build your own tabbed Interface using jQuery with slideDown/slideUp effect. You can check out the demo and download the file – very cool indeed

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Bing: Search Engine

Microsoft’s latest search engine Bing has launched worldwide. I think the preview looks nice although i’m not that crazy about their logo…. Check out the Bing Preview and let’s see how well it Bings   Would also love to hear what YOU think!

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