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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Create A Bubbles Wallpaper In Photoshop

How grateful am I for the fabulous designers out there who take the time to create awesome tutorials for us!! Check out this great tutorial on how to create a wallpaper/background of bubbles using Photoshop. With this tutorial comes the actual PSD file free for download Visit ‘New Evolution Designs‘ for all the details.

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PicApp Connects With WordPress

Here’s to spicing up your blog with images galore. PicApp recently joined WordPress in a partnership allowing all ‘we’ WordPress users “access to around 20 million premium, legal images…who can now search for and embed PicApp images into their blog posts.” Pretty cool huh! Yup, there will be a wp-plugin coming soon as well   You can read more on the PicApp Blog.

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Dirty Grunge Texture Pack

I love textures! And since the “fashion” of grunge design, the potential for greater depth has taken over through use of texture galore. Check out this lovely dirty grunge pack, contains 12 high resolution grunge cement textures…Nice yeah! ➡ Download & detail.

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Amazing ArtWork In Motion

Ok, you guys just gotta sit back and watch the amazing artistry of ‘COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis‘. What brilliant minds these guys have – Simply incredible! Enjoy the show

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Chop Any YouTube Video With TubeChop

YouTube is fabulous for finding videos on just about anything. And we all love to share videos that we like, or find interesting. Now how cool would it be if for example; you find a great video but only would like to share ‘parts’ of it. Well, with TubeChop you can do just that Check out the quick video example, and enjoy sharing your video experience!

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