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Monthly Archives: December 2009

New Twitter Buttons And Icons By Twitter

If you’ve looked around the site as of late, you’ll have noticed the “goodies” section has some new lovely additions. A handsome set of Twitter buttons, badges and icons released by the one and only Twitter tweeps! So head on over and grab ➡ the latest Twitter goodies

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Free Customizable Icons For Your Website

Who doesn’t love freebies, especially free icons! I was strolling through the web when i discovered this lovely site, Iconza, offering free icons which are fully customizable. There are 112 PNG icons, which you can customize to your color liking, select from 3 size options…once your done, download and start decorating your website or blog! Go have some fun with ➡ Iconza!

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Twitter Backgrounds LINKing to Your World

One of the things i love about the internet is the ability to do anything with the simple click of a mouse. One of the other things i love about the internet is Twitter. In the world of internet marketing, Twitter is KEY! One of Twitter’s fabulous marketing tools is YOUr Twitter Background, which CAN BE customized to your individual needs.  Just have a look at my twitter background, @ArtWave,…

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The Search Engine For Everything Tutorials

Since the outstanding growth of Apps, and Mac’s phenomenal tagline, everyone~ whether technologically savvy or unaware completely~ is saying “hey, there’s an App for that.”, for pretty much anything. Well, no need to hold your breath, ‘cuz pretty soon we’ll ALL be saying… “hey, there’s a search engine for that!”. That’s right, we had Google, Yahoo…etc…then came Bing with new interactive bells and whistles, then Wolfram|Alpha zoning in their available…

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Say Hello To The New Code Marketplace

The fabulous team of Envato has launched yet another awesome marketplace, Code Canyon – The Code Marketplace. Pretty exciting for any web designer and/or developer – tis the world of  scripts galore: PHP, Javascript, ASP.NET and Java! Yup, all the goodness of boosting up a website or blog – it’s all in the code baby scripts bring the website to life! Go on over and check out Code Canyon ⬅

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Create Your Very Own WordPress Theme With These Great Tutorials

For quite some time now, i’ve seriously been looking into creating our own WordPress Theme. BEing a designer myself, designing a template layout comes naturally to me. However developing a fully functional theme for WordPress seemed a little intimidating. Alas, after much research i’ve found these great tutorials and resources that show you exactly how. Many thanks to all the designers and developers who’ve taken the time to create these…

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