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Bing: Search Engine

Microsoft’s latest search engine Bing has launched worldwide. I think the preview looks nice although i’m not that crazy about their logo….
Check out the Bing Preview and let’s see how well it Bings :)  Would also love to hear what YOU think!


About the Author » Aline Ohannessian

:: Musical and Visionary Artist of Truth :: Aline is Founding Partner & Creative Director of ArtWave Design, ® the Multi-Media with Mind Production Lotus of Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary. Providing services for Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Consultancy & Campaigns, Illustration and Painted Artistry. In addition to being a Visionary & Multi Media Tech Guru Artiste, Aline is also an Ontological Philosopher and Vocalist...renaissance being, indeed! :)

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  1. satrap November 15, 2009

    Thank you so much for writing this great article. i enjoyed reading it. it will certainly add to my limited info, and help me do better with my blog everything related to it. thanks again.

    • ArtWave November 15, 2009


      You are most welcome! :)

  2. Bing: Search Engine #DMA #design


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