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Amazing New WordPress Cloner Software

Ok, take a deep breath…coz you’re about to be amazed at new WordPress Cloner!
We all know the hours involved tweaking a blog for Adsense, Tag and Ping, Uploading and Activating Plugins, adding your customized Ping URLs, carefully adding links to the sidebar, customizing affiliate banners, and getting the graphics just right – ONLY to realize you have to do it all over again when you want to duplicate it on a subdomain, folder, or other site?

WordPress Cloner will take your completely tweaked blog, all the settings and completely CLONE it anywhere on your site. And you don’t even touch Cpanel!

Wordpress Cloner

By ArtWave

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3 replies on “Amazing New WordPress Cloner Software”

I came across this post in my friendfeed.
I was like WHOA, that is my dads ebook that I made for him.
He sold the rights to it and the “idea” for WordPress Cloner. It is awesome stuff!

@Rachael Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂
I absolutely love your connection to the product! How fabulous that you made the ebook for your dad!!!
And, yes the WordPress Cloner is pretty awesome stuff 🙂

My appreciation!!!
Blessed Light & Love,
Aline @ArtWave

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