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Divine: PSD to WordPress


BEing a graphic/web designer, I’ve been on a new path of creating WordPress theme designs…my only set back was, 1. either find a great wp-theme developer or 2. learn the whole wp structure and do it myself.

Well…HELLO to the new release of Divine. This awesome application “creates websites from Photoshop to WordPress promptly  and it’s Free!!” Ok so, i’m a little excited, however i haven’t tested it yet, the latest release works on a PC platform…and i’m on a Mac :(
The good news is that they are going to be releasing the Mac version (yay…and muchly appreciated). Going through the documentation, there are some limitations to the free beta version, so i’m not exactly sure if they will be releasing a full version for free or paid. Alas I’m excited, needless to say, and look forward to the Mac release…and heck if I’d have to pay for the full version…i think i just might :)

About the Author » Aline Ohannessian

:: Musical and Visionary Artist of Truth :: Aline is Founding Partner & Creative Director of ArtWave Design, ® the Multi-Media with Mind Production Lotus of Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary. Providing services for Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Consultancy & Campaigns, Illustration and Painted Artistry. In addition to being a Visionary & Multi Media Tech Guru Artiste, Aline is also an Ontological Philosopher and Vocalist...renaissance being, indeed! :)

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  1. Brian J King August 4, 2009

    When is the mac version expected out? Anyone use the PC version yet? How’s it compare to Artisteer? Anyone have any better suggestions then these tools?

    @brianjking me a msg. Cheers!

  2. Work from Home September 4, 2009

    thanks for the info this was a real help

  3. psd to wordpress April 2, 2010

    This is a really nice piece of software and I applaud the idea behind it.

    I have tried it and it delivers what it says it will once you get the hang of it. good for novice theme builders.

    Now for designs that are complex or themes that require a lot of functionality its always best to either hand code it or use a service.


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