Dashalytics: Google Analytics on Your Dashboard

Dashalytics, a free Dashboard Widget for your Apple Mac that offers quick access to Google Analytics statistics. Supports multiple widgets open to track statistics on multiple sites – not to mention uses the Keychain to securely store your password.  Awesomely handy… 🙂


Twitster: Twitter Groups for Your Website

Twitster is a PHP application that lets you display tweets on your own web site from everyone you follow in Twitter. What’s more, Twitster can filter those tweets by a hash tag (#example) giving you the ability to create a Twitter-based group or community on your own site.
Totally gets my 5 star rating 🙂


Apture: Multimedia on Your Website

Keep readers on your site!  Put Apture super links and embeds on your pages.
Integrate reference guides, images, video, maps, music, documents, presentations and more from 50+ sources. – Layer media onto your site or blog, with pop-ups to other resources and your guests never have to leave the page, how cool is this 🙂