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How to Build an Affiliate Site With WordPress the Easy Way

Two years ago we featured Affiliate Theme for WordPress, an innovative WordPress theme, but with a twist.

Affiliate Theme was built exclusively for affiliate marketers, internet marketers and bloggers who build landing pages and review sites for niche products and offers.
Some of the top bloggers and Internet marketers have been using it quite successfully and pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. And they’re doing it, how you ask? with just a simple WordPress theme…yuppers!

So now, a couple or so years later the awesome people behind the Theme are releasing Affiliate Theme 2.0, even more powerful and packed with a ton of new features to boost your sales :)

To get you started, watch the short video below and then take advantage of this amazing offer
and just because we love YOU, we’d like to give you a 10% discount off your purchase !!

here’s your coupon code: FDB384100B

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About the Author » Aline Ohannessian

:: Musical and Visionary Artist of Truth :: Aline is Founding Partner & Creative Director of ArtWave Design, ® the Multi-Media with Mind Production Lotus of Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary. Providing services for Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Consultancy & Campaigns, Illustration and Painted Artistry. In addition to being a Visionary & Multi Media Tech Guru Artiste, Aline is also an Ontological Philosopher and Vocalist...renaissance being, indeed! :)

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