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Here are some of the best photoshop tutorial sites, and might i add they are always up-to-date…aside the fact that i had to spend years of research to collect them, but i want to share them with you and perhaps save you a lot of time and energy just in case you do need to learn a few tips and tricks here and there, regardless they are resourceful and tremendously helpful – few… 🙂

Check them out, and hope your Photoshop tutorial experience is fabulous!

  1. Photoshop Cafe – these guys demonstrate some of the coolest techniques!
  2. Tutorial-Index: Online Tutorial Resource | Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
  3. Adobe Tutorialz – A whole bag of Photoshop greatness
  4. Adobe Design Center – of course the fabulous Adobe teamers, great video workshops.
  5. The Russell Brown Show – For those who haven’t heard of him, he’s a crazy treat!
  6. Planet Photoshop – Online Photoshop Tutorials, tips and news
  7. PhotoshopStar – Great site to learn some awesome effects
  8. PSDTUTS – Spoonfed Photoshop Tutorials
  9. Luxa – Social learning site for Photoshop artists
  10. Good Tutorials – The title says it all, it’s gooood
  11. Phong Tutorials – This site is quite amazing, ya just gotta take a peak

Hope this helps you all in your creative endeavor, i’ll be posting more photoshop awesomeness.
Till then…catch me on Twitter @ArtWave

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